New author with a great new series for kids age 10 and up. A world of Pegasi kids will understand and love. Star is the only black foal and his fate will be determined by whether or not he makes it to his first birthday. Then will he destroy or unite these 5 herds of waring pegasi?

Lobo takes the plunge all the way to the Galapagos Islands! In swim wings. He is so cute!

Picture Book Poems about the African wildlife and their need for the water hole to sustain life. Great book for kids and teachers. Gorgeous illustrations brings Africa right to you with elephants, rhinos, wildebeests, zebras, and snakes. Kids will love the poems, which are snappy, easy to read, and easy to understand. The illustrations will have kids smiling and wanting to go see the African animals in person. A Must Get Book.

Crazy antics of Aldo Zelnick and his best bud Jack find dinosaurs bones in a backyard ditch. Is it fame or fortune for the boys?

A terrific book for the under 6 crowd that still think poop jokes are hilariously funny. Don’t miss this wonderful tale of sibling rivalry and love, of pigeons and gangs of pigeons, and cheerfulness that never wanes.

DIY MFA has begun. Here are Days 1 and 2.

Krabat & the Sorcerer’s Mill will delight kids who like adventures, mysteries, and magic. Though the Master deals in the black arts, there is nothing in the story that will scare anyone. At times, the writing feels long, and at times, it is long, yet never arduous or out of place. Preussler spins a tale so complete one wonders if such goings on really occurred in seventeenth-century Germany. Krabat & the Sorcerer’s Mill will keep kids entranced as they read this gothic tale of orphaned boys finding a home with a dangerous wizard. I enjoyed every word of this captivating story. Krabat & the Sorcerer’s Mill tends to be best for the advanced reader. Adults will also immensely enjoy this alluring tale.

Children will love Eddie and Dog. They will be sad when Eddie is sent away, but after the first return—a wonderful twist—kids will keep smiling even when mom sends Eddie off several more times. Sometimes knowing the punch line can be fun. Kids will love Eddie and Dog, even to the point of wanting their own Dog (sorry Eddie). Parents can take heart. Eddie and Dog is an easy and fun read with moments needing sound effects only a parent can provide. Will Eddie and Dog become your child’s favorite book? Quit possibly so, at least until the next edition of an Eddie and Dog adventure hit bookstores. Enjoy!

Frankie Dupont and the Mystery of Enderby Manor will delight readers. The fun chapter book is a short read at 132 pages. The eleven chapters, skillfully developed, will keep kids hanging on. The Mystery of Enderby Manor is a typical mystery, built layer upon layer, until time is about to run out. Only then, does Grasso let us understand her world. Frankie Dupont will hook even those kids who are reading their first mystery. Enderby Manor is not the biggest mystery. The biggest is a question: When will Frankie Dupont return to solve the next mystery?