17-year-old Cheryl Chen makes a mark in kids lit with her debut picture book, The Thing about Things. Check out the review at Kid Lit Reviews and then the book at Amazon or B&N. This children’s author will be in everyone’s spotlight in a few years. Be able to say you knew her when.

A wonderful laugh-with-your-kids book that will win the test of time. A good way to start the day!

A handy guide for kids and parents to help kids make and keep friends. nearly any social encounter that a kid could find him or herself in will be in this book with ten suggestions how to handle this situation.

Josephine Baker lived life like no other. There is so much to learn from this vibrant woman who cared for more than her artistic life. She helped win WWI.

Middle Grade novel with suspense, addictive action and wonderful suspense. Check out this new author in kid lit.

Geronimo the Frog is a Native-American tale about keeping our parks clean. Has fantastic artwork. Teaches kids the harm a platis 6-pack rings can do to the wild. Twist at the end that is terrific.

New series of vocational books for kids. They can look for possible careers making their futures wide open. Great for teachers in elementary and middle grade schools. Many more titles to follow:: Teacher, in the Navy, Fireman, Good Person, in the Navy, Race Car Driver and others

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